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The ring is beautiful and it fits perfect.

- by Albert on 11-22-2017

I was fine with the delivery, as long as you are not in too much hurry to receive your item, it looks like it could take a week to get it, I received one of mine, took a week, now have 4 more to go, but was satisf

- by Greg on 11-22-2017

Well make a nice present. The person well think I paid a lot for it.

- by Alice on 11-22-2017

Very happy with my purchase and my experience on Police Auctions!

- by Sandra on 11-22-2017

I absolutely love my new ring.

- by Felicia on 11-21-2017

I love my new ring.

- by Felicia on 11-21-2017

Gorgeous. Lovely to see it on my wrist.

- by Penny on 11-21-2017

Lovely little bracelet.

- by Penny on 11-21-2017

I really love this necklace. Got a ring to match it.

- by Carla on 11-21-2017

beautiful earrings. found a ring to match on here.

- by Carla on 11-21-2017